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CuberPunk 2089 Torrent

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About This Game

CuberPunk 2089 - A game with an open world in a cubical style from the first person!
At your disposal the whole city of the future Cube City

Title: CuberPunk 2089
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 28 Sep, 2018


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This game is pretty bad. -Slow, with little optimization and settings options, not even the ability to reassign keys. -All games have limited amounts of currency, but this one makes it painfully obvious in the way that you can only get sets amounts of money and there are no containers, no items, to fix any of that. If you spend too much money, you are ed, and must start the game over. -Why is limited money bad? Because you will need pills to medicate yourself from a virus that a drone spits at you randomly. Your stamina is so low that outrunning the drone is difficult, and exploring is absolute hell. -The dialogue is riddled with spelling errors, inconsistencies, and terrible characters. Clearly, the creator is a 12-16 year old who doesn't know how to write lore or make a compelling original story, so they just fill their games with stale memes and ham fisted references: examples being pixellated pepe pictures, offshoots of popular companies, strawman feminist rekt characters and a quest involving them, so on and so forth. So cringey it was the biggest reason I chose to stop playing it. -Speaking of characters and dialogue, you do get money for quests. But the quests are either asinine, or downright sociopathic, and always a fetch quest. No choices here at all. To top it all off, the dialogue scrolls at a brain numbingly slow pace. -Finally, the cyberpunk aesthetic- this loud, garish game has plenty of colors that will melt your eyes. It's more of a cyber rave. If you played anything like the System Shock games that popularized cyberpunk, these games do a good job of making you feel like you're in the future. This game, however, frequently breaks its own immerision, with references to present day memes and political issues that are not subtle, clever, or offer a logical solution in any way. The visuals are similar, and break the cyberpunk illusion. Did I enjoy anything about this game? With a little work, the visuals can fit their target aesthetic better, but as it is, that would not make a real game. The lore is dime a dozen, the characters would need heavy reworks and a few removals as far as I'm concerned. There are free games out there made by loving creators far more worth your time, and not so free ones worth your money.. Very confusing , hard to figure out what is what, the map is just terrible.. where are the F***king pills!?!?!? other than that it's ok. This game is ambient and Vaporwave it really calms you down.. perfect alternative to cyberpunk 2077.. not much to do but its okay. welp it looks nice but me pc is too sh*t to play this game without lag.. not much to do but its okay

Update #3-New features! : Hi! in today's update, bugs have been fixed and new features added! Patch note - Added a new small content, you can find it by jumping into the portal which stands in one of the houses.. Update #1 - is now live! : Hello, released the first update #1 Where bugs have been fixed - Fixed AI Drone, now it won't find you through walls. - Added a infect indicator, now when you are infected, the icon will be filled with green, when the icon is full, your character will die. - Partially fixed a bug that caused things to fall through the squalor of the wall and floor. - The game was optimized.. Update #4 Optimization! : Update # 4 is aimed at optimizing the game, and minor changes - Changed marker icon, - Added a button to switch between the available languages of the game. - Optimized, reduced CPU load.. Update #2 : Hi! Update #2 - Correction of errors in tasks, - Fix graphic artifacts, - Game optimization, - Changed end-splash, - Changed camera in the car, - Not a big change in the behavior of the machine and its physics.

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