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About This Game

The infection is spreading. Cases of outbreak are being reported across the globe!
As a highly skilled agent, working for Harmond Intl, you are assigned with taking on the outbreaks head on. You must travel to various locations, from camp grounds to caves, and wipe the areas clean.

Harmond Intl have a growing arsenal at your disposal. As you build reputation, they will give you increasing access to their array of weaponry. Bigger doesn't always mean better, however, sometimes a stealthy approach is the best way to get the job done.

Previously peaceful citizens are falling prey to the virus, causing them to become extremely aggressive. Reports are consistent, the infected will attack anything that moves. When engaging with the infected, special care must be taken to avoid contact with contaminated blood, Otherwise, infection is likely.


  • One Hit Death: The infected don't swipe at the player, dealing damage with each hit. Rather, they grab and kill the player with one savage bite to the neck, unless the player can time a melee attack to push them off.
  • Player Infection: Smashing the Infected with a weapon will spill blood which can contaminate the player, causing disorientation and eventually, death.
  • Variety of Maps: From close quarter hospitals, to large, open camp grounds.
  • 6 unlockable weapons: (8 total) from silenced pistols to grenade launchers.
  • Character Creation: Choose from male or female, and a variety of skin colors.
  • Headshot damage: Aiming for the head will deal more damage.
  • Weapon Melee: Knock back the infected with a swing of your weapon.
  • Responsive AI: responding to loud noises heard nearby, line of sight detection, look for the player in their last known position.
  • Controller Support: All menus and in-game actions are mapped to controller inputs.
  • Horde Mode, Arcade Experience: horde mode is a score based game mode in which there is no reloading, ammo is dropped by the infected, explosions don't hurt the player and weapons are purchased with coins.

Genre: Action
Hardy Games
Hardy Games
Release Date: 10 Mar, 2017


First off I didnt think it was that bad especially for the price aswell the first 2 contracts where creepy in the russian bunker i think it was and the hospital i like them.

https:\/\/\/PD_CjOywszs<\/a>. A tiny little gem that may be worth its price. It is a simple game with just a handful of weapons choice and a handful of levels but oddly a pleasing game to play. The value of the game comes from taking out enemies slowly one by one. The aiming is true when you get the zombies in your cross-hair even at a distance. The zombies go out like a light. The difficulty is easy to moderate as you cruise through the level taking each zombie out. Too bad the game ends too quickly.. This game looks really cool, but ended up returning it because it didn't have an "invert aim" option.
I'm a guy that has had his world turned upside down. I gotta have look inversion. (Worse yet, because it has full controller support I can't use controller companion to change the settings.)

I need more zombies in my life, but I need look inversion to go with it.

It's not nice to leave out people that are upside down. ;)

Will you please, pretty please, add look inversion to the game? I will snatch this game up when you add look inversion.. Well, I bought this game for the lolz because it looked kinda cheesy. I only played 30 minutes but it was more fun than I expected. The hospital was even slightly creepy. It also is quite challenging since you die pretty quick and can get infected.
Yeah, the graphics are pretty basic, everything lacks details but then again, it was only 0.98 EUR.
This game is for you if you like lucky bags and gumball machines.

The Dev also seems like a nice guy (I did not speak to him, but I read the discussions), which is a plus I guess.

. This is game worth it's price. Take that as you will.
I would be happier if I could re-map the keyboard. I'm left-handed,...

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