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About This Game

You’ve been caught into trap and now you must get out of 5d3b920ae0

Title: Colortone
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Droid Riot
Release Date: 29 Oct, 2015


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Purchased this after a recommendation following anti-chamber. Unfortunately not nearly as hard as I had hoped for. completed it within a hour or 2. Alright ofr a quick chill out session, however if you're looking for something that'll really make you think, this game probably isn't it. That said it was somewhat enjoyable so I give it a thumbs up.. Cool game here is a gameplay that you guys might enjoy before purchasing the game.. This game is a stagnacy and agony mixed up. Brain numbness is so overwhelming here that i've quitted after 2nd level.. piece of not worth any money. Would I recommend the game? Well. no, but not because I don't like the game. If I'm to be completely honest here, I only found out about the game through a steam coupon, which I find pretty funny that they have a coupon for a 99 cent game that was abandoned years ago. But aside from that I think the game has potential, if it was given the chance. It's definitely a good start for a version 1 game but it's not actually good because it's been on version one for 4 years (if this is read in 2019). Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good first start game, but it's not something I'd go out of my way to play. The Good Parts (I don't know how to do the bold blue text so bear with it) The game itself is pretty fun when you start off. It's not the same consistant puzzles and though it's based on such a simple idea as mixing colors, it's good with having unique levels. I think it could also be used to maybe help younger kids as well to get the idea of colors and how they mix (since that's the whole point of the game). The music is fun and upbeat, I don't even know if it's original but it's got music so you aren't just walking around in silence. The Bad Parts I'm sorry, my list is a bit longer for this just because there's just so many things that could be improved. First, the controls don't make much sense. I don't understand why you have to use one key to pick objects up and the other to drop them. Why can't it just be both keys do both functions? Another problem with the game: the movement in general just feels so awkward and unnatural. You either leap over 10 feet or something or you're sometimes standing on air, there were countless times where I just wanted to make my person sprint to go faster because it's crazy how slow you walk but how far you can jump. I landed in the lava a few times because of that. Also, the items don't respawn if you accidentally toss them in the lava, just because it's hard to gauge how far you're going to toss them. And, there is an issue on level 2 as well where when you try to turn too fast, whatever you're holding goes absolutely insane. Not to mention, and this part might just be me, but the blurring of the screen when you fall isn't productive. I mean, on the first level it was great, I got spooked a little like I did something wrong, but after level 1 it gets tedious and it isn't something I look forward too. So, do I recommend this game to whoever is reading? No, I don't. Don't let me stop you if you're just that desperate though.. I think this game is just okay. There's 14 levels, and sometimes things are not very intuitive. I've had to look up a walkthrough several times due to not properly understanding certain game mechanics (e.g. level 13). Also, It's annoying that there was a rollback and the achievements no longer are, well, achievable. The only thing I absolutely hated about this game, though, was the final level. This is because it wasn't as puzzle-oriented and more dependent on parkour skill. Oh yeah, and if you mess up once and die, then it's time to start over the puzzle again. Overall, though, it was an enjoyable experience.. I really enjoyed this game. The levels are designed in a way that makes me feel smart. I enjoyed figuring out what each gnew game mechanic does. It's not incredibly long but I think it's well worth playing.. SIGH. i saw this game and thought it would be worth the five dollars to buy it. I WAS WONG. Really laggy, lots of bugs, coloring is very glitchy, the list goes on. If the developers made the game a lot less laggy that would inrcrease the ratings a lot.

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