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About This Game

What is the BusinessMan game?

First i want to say that this game is not funny or beautiful and it don't even try to be it. BusinessMan is game, where you make Business. It's main think is in Business and economy. Can you survive and make company which make profit?

In BusinessMan, you are an entrepreneur among others. You can for example start off by investing your initial 20k€ smartly or try to become a chairman in some company. BusinessMan is a simple business simulation game.

Once you're a chairman, you start making regular income, but the biggest incomes naturally lie behind the greatest of risks.

Different ways of making money in BusinessMan

You can invest in the stocks market
You can invest in real estate
You can build stores and sell others products
You can make a factory and produce goods for sale
You can build a farm and grow goods for sale
You can build a research plant to improve on existing products
You can gather different kinds of resources, like oil, wood, iron, coal etc.
You can build different kinds of power plants, coal power, windmills and nuclear plants.

As you can see, there are many ways to get rich.

Make as many companies as you see fit

BusinessMan won't limit your imagination in company structure sizes. You can make a different company for each production, one company to rule some of them or just one company to manage it all. It's all up to you how you want to arrange your companies.

See the city grow and conquer more areas

The city keeps evolving around you and there are only so many lots to build on before they run out. The city also behaves dynamically, so if there is unemployment, people won't be able to afford buying things.

Design products

You'll have to improve on your designs all the time in your research plant. Also, it's good to publish new products every now and then too to keep your good reputation up along with hype for new products. If you keep releasing the same product over and over again, people will grow tired of it really fast and lose interest in your offerings.

Laws and lawsuits

The laws keep changing in the game. For example, the state might require cleaner technologies and better filters to be used to proceed with the production. Some companies might sue you for stealing their ideas too and whatnot.


The business simulation in BusinessMan is heavily based on cruel number crunching, numbers that never lie and numbers that tell everything there is to be told about another company. Be careful not to get fined or in trouble with the law, it might ruin your reputation. Even a genius might be hard to employ if he has a bad reputation. Take loans when the interests are low and invest the money smartly. Being a big company is a tough task if you don't know what you're doing. Collect the prizes from the yearly events, get titles like "innovator of the year". Secure other businesses by investing into them. Because if you are a reputable company, people will trust more in the companies you are invested into too. Help new companies start up by making investments in them. Create a large chain of companies to fight your way from a small town to the top of the world. 7ad7b8b382

Title: BusinessMan
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 28 Jul, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or newer (64-bit)
  • Processor: +2.7GHz proseccor
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 650 or AMD equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Soundcard


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bad to much
. Interesting and viable concept, terrible execution. UI is broken beyond usable, windows are cut missing critical information.. I really like this game. It definitly needs work though. The UI can be buggy, not all of the text is translated to english, the translated english is not all that good, and the mechanics and functions of the game can be somewhat stupid at times. However, I find the game to be very fun to play and I am excited for the future developments in the game.. Buggy and the economic algorithm doesn't make sense. the worst game i have ever played.. This game needs work. The english is spotty and a lot of the game is in finnish even if you select english as your language. The textures and graphics need a serious rework. For a game that is primarily focused on U.I., this game's U.I. is clunky and dosn't look good. The gameplay itself is promising, but needs better tutorials or a gude to reference, as the game gets complicated and it doesn't help when the complicated parts are in a foreign language.

Here's my verdict. At the moment, with the amount of issues, I can't recommend this game. HOWEVER, if you write off this game because of the graphics you will be missing out on one of the most promising, original game concepts I have ever seen.

Even with the confusion over the language and graphics issues, this game easily held my attention and interest much longer than some other AAA titles I have played. The idea of entrepreunership and business is one that seemlessly integrates into the videogame genre and yet has been missing, despite hundreds of "tycoon" games on the cusp of discovering this new genre.

This game absolutely nails the feelings and ideas behind business, allowing you freedom over your company as well as your tactics regarding it. For the first time in a videogame I really felt immersed in entrepreneurship. I think this game can really make an impact on videogames and create a new genre if they just fix it up.

To Do
- Streamline the U.I.: The organization of it is almost there, but a few things feel out of place. This will mostly just take a lot of testing. I would recommend giving free copies to some people you know and ask them to take note of any confusion they had when navigating the menu.
- Clean up the graphics: The city itself needs a bit of work. If you want to take the low-poly route like Unturned or Kingdoms and Castles, keep most surfaces texture-free and instead focus on lighting. If you want it to look more realistic you will need to put textures on every surface and still work on lighting a bit. The U.I. should be retextured to all fit the same style, I would recommend a minimalistic style to reduce the confusion further. Remember, keep it simple.
- Translate everything: This can be costly if you have to bring people in to translate, but if nothing else feed all of the text into google translate. This way you will have grammatical errors, but it will still be readable, unlike now where I have to use google translate on my oen to understand it anyway.
- Market the game: The only way I heard about it was when I specifically tried to find a game like it. You don't want your users to have to search to find this game, bring it to them. Find some youtubers that play similar games, such as Avaak or Etalyx, and send them free copies. (I would recommend upgrading the graphics first.) Their fans are interested in these types of games and if they are captivated by the gameplay AND the graphics they will buy it and tell their friends and their friends will buy it and so on.

This game is truly promising. The only way to mess it up is to stop working on it. Please keep updating and improving this game and in time it will be a really innovative title.. Please, please, update this game drastically. Good foundation but definitely need to work on the english. Also, my character is not recieving his pay from the company in which he owns.

Two updates behind V.1.3.2 is out:
Hello we have made two little updates and here is what those have inside:

- Fixed distance build lands.
- Fixed operating system selling problems
- Fixed Factory building costs system.

. Is this game hard? This update is for you! V.1.2.3:
Hello! I hear you have little problem with game. Problem by trying to make business success. I think a little bit what i can do for that and then i figure it out!

Here is update which make possible change some attributes to game so it would be much easier to make business and learn this game.

- So now if you start new game there is two new options. First is bankgrupty time. You can change 8 – 24 months.
- Another is Loan. That mean how easy you got loan from bank. More easily means more money means more possibilities.

Bad thing is that if you play easier mode you don’t get record, but you can learn to play this game.

If you have problem with making success with your company, please contact me example from forum and i will check can i add more these easy mode things in game.

I hope you enjoy this one!

. New big update V.1.2.0! Germany language and other thinks!:
Hello everybody!
It's been a long time since last update. The reason was that we have been developing an upgrade with our Beta team.
We fixed lots of bugs that are listed below. We made a German translation into the game, and thanks to [R.I.P] Rest In Pieces [GER] for that.

I also want to thank Nyphty for the Youtube video he made.

We also changed some windows. New windows for your own products, Trade Management and Factory Management.

We will continue to actively develop according to feedback so keep up your activity! Your feedback is important as we don’t notice everything and we will listen to feedback and work on the game based on feedback.

New things
- German language.
- New resolution of 1920 x 1080 has been added
- The global economic situation is now affecting housing prices and housing sales. For example, in a bad economy, selling houses is almost impossible
- E-mails now show the date they were sent to the player
- A transparent sign will be shown in the middle of the screen whenever time is stopped, as a heads up for the player
- Sounds added to some buttons when pressed
- Factory management window renewed
- Shop management window renewed
- Now when you are trying to get a loan from a bank, banks calculate the loan a little differently
- AI got some improvements.

- If you changed the time from the top corner, there was a small delay.
- Translation errors
- All the products sold in a player's store would randomly get taken off from sale
- If played with a low resolution game, the factory window could not be closed
- Repairing the building block was a visible development center
- Occasional game crashes and freezing if one company succeeded one month before or on the last day
- The language selection settings page was broken
- Construction areas go randomly on top of each other
- With low resolutions, it was not possible to switch to factory production
- If you went to the main menu and from there back to the game there were occasional crashes. These should no longer come but report if it comes because this fault has been spellbound long and was always absent from time to time.
- Some windows were completely black if the windows were for some reason overlapping
. Version 1.5.0 Sports Update is here! And future.:
Hello! Here is sports update patch note.

Bigger changes:. Big update! V.1.1.0 - Old saves not working anymore.:
Greeting!. V.1.4.0 update will start big update wave.:
Hello! FIrst i want to say that i have planned couple updates. This will be first update. Whole 1.4.x updates will change game little bit and will bring new ways to make business. But first biggest problems will be in list like a UI.

Renting factories
The factories can now be set rent. By making a factory rent you can example build factorys with your parent company and others your companys will pay rent.

UI changes
UI changes have been made on paper and in the game. The biggest change came to the factory window now that was rebuilt. Paper has more plans for new windows that will be imported later into the game.

Optimizing the game's functions and performance was improved with the test machine about 25-35%.

Small change
- The effectiveness of marketing is now reflected in the marketing tab, so it's easier to figure out how this money affects your marketing.

Some bug fixes. Like a some product images was missing

Thank you all who have told me problems and give me ideas what you want to see in game.

. Hello! New update is here again! V.1.0.2 - Tutorial and Wiki:
Hello you people! Here is another update for you guys!

I now made a whole new wiki system. In addition, the tutorial is now on by default. But what else did this update bring with it? Report bugs to me so i can fix those. And i am open for ideas too!

New things:. V.1.2.1 Endless mode!:

I made hot fix packet where i put Endless Mode in game too.

New thinks:
- Endless Mode

- R&D Center flying.

. V.1.0.3 and DEMO!:
It's time again to upgrade the game and fix the bugs! We also released a demo.

Again, many bugs that have been reported to me have been corrected. Great thanks goes to [R.I.P] Rest in Pieces [GER] who reported many translate bugs.

demo. V.1.4.2. fix one bad bug and add music!:
Hello! I have looking for someone who can make music and last i find it. This update will add two different music in game and i hope you players will like those. Thanks about these music will go to "Timur K". Thanks for him.

Here is list what is now change:

New things
- Two different music.

Fixes / changes
- When you load game window was too small and save game name was in 2 line.
- Big bug. When you die window "You die" popup every month is now fixed. Thanks for report!

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