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Burnt Rubber Ativador

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About This Game

Burnt Rubber is racing reignited! With intense tracks and a futuristic aesthet 5d3b920ae0

Title: Burnt Rubber
Genre: Casual, Indie, Racing, Early Access
Fishbowl Interactive
Fishbowl Interactive
Release Date: 20 Dec, 2018


  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Processor: AMD A10-5700
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphi


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Update 1.1 - Released : Apologies for the delay Update 1.1 contains the following changes: - Added music to the main menu & the game world. - Added more voices. - You can now pick up a knights sword after killing them. - Adjusted health of villagers (much weaker) - Removed "Press R to open Map" Prompt which was always displayed on the bottom of the screen. - Minor Performance increase - Certain resource demanding assets are now only loaded when you are entering an area. - Certain bandits now spawn on triggers, depending on direction you approach, so they might not appear to be in an area straight away. - Multiple bug fixes Also - Ambience was added to most of the map when entering forested area's etc. But after much testing it was found to cause multiple other audio glitches, So to not delay the update even furthur ambience as not been added fully as of yet. There is however an odd area now, for example the graveyard, which contains ambience.. Update - 1.1 - Coming soon : Thanks to those of you who have purchased The Life Of Greather and to those who have contacted me with suggestions and bug reports. The game will be updated in the next few days; -Scene ambience & music will be added. -Additional Greather and npc voices added. -Reported bugs will be fixed. EDIT - Update - Apologies for the delay, update 1.1 is still being worked on. More changes than originally intended. Complete change list will be posted when released. 1.1 will be with you asap.. Whats Next? - 1.2 : The next update will not be for a few weeks, but just letting you all know The Life Of Greather is still being worked on. As it stands now the next update will contain the following - - Save/load feature - Improved Npc's, responses from being attacked etc - Optimization - Ambience (audio) across all of the world Its very possible it will contain more, but this is just as it stands at this exact moment.. Circadian City Lawless Lands Bing Bong XL The Life Of Greather Update 1.1.6 - Released : *Re-designed all menus and interfaces. *Added copper inside buildings for you to steal and changed the initial starting amount. In addition to removing some starting weapon locations. *Improved audio quality (all cutscenes and character voices) *Improved music quality *Updated bandit capture events. *Added weapon pickups from more enemies. *Fixed black square effect glitch on certain objects. *Minor enviroment tweaks and text prompt changes along with an additional voiced line. - Game icon and Store artwork also updated.. Update 1.1.5 - Released : The original idea was to update The Life Of Greather via a newer engine version. That update however is not ready.(Update 1.2 that i previously posted) I decided it was best to bring out an update now. Update 1.1.5 - Contains the following: - Weapons balanced (No more Overpowered dagger/Knife) - Enemies now become tougher as you progress requiring you to obtain a better weapon. - Enemies wearing an helmet can no longer be killed with 1 hit to the head. - You now look the correct direction when entering and leaving buildings. - Signs now added to use in conjuction with map to help navigate the game world. - Triggers re-adjusted to stop enemies visibly spawning. - Black squares no longer appear when hitting building floors and rocks. - Occasional bug when you opened a gate but got stuck by an invisible wall now fixed. - Floating objects fixed.

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