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Bravada Demo Download Highly Compressed Rar

Bravada Demo Download Highly Compressed Rar

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About This Game


You play a young beardless dwarf who dreams about adventures and heroic deeds. Usually dwarves have beards, but for some mystical reasons beard of our hero is not grows. So he decide to make a journey with his friend the bat to solve this problem. During the game you control a group of units each with its own specialties and features. Units can get levels and transform into other forms by your choice. Combats is turn based but fast due to clever control system.

Key features

  • Fresh battle system. It is turn based but feels like an action
  • Hundreds of units. And you can get anyone to your team (even foes)
  • Humorous plot and unique description of every game element
  • RPG-elements like inventory and unit classes
  • Units evolution and selection of specialization on every 5th level-up
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Title: Bravada Demo
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Interbellum team
Interbellum team
Release Date: 25 Aug, 2014


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