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Dog grooming is an art, and the groomer must have patience, knowledge and care to carry out the task in a precise manner. The groomer must be a keen observer of his or her dog's behavior so that she can give the required grooming treatment. This article discusses common problems and various types of solutions to address them.

There are two kinds of "difficulties" commonly faced by dog groomers: puppy licking and muzzle cropping. The puppy licking is caused by the young puppies not knowing how to brush their teeth, and this is caused by improper grooming technique. They lick their mouths when they see something that they find attractive, or they lick it because their owners fail to brush their teeth properly.

When the young dogs are not properly trained at home, they have difficulty trimming their muzzles, so they learn from other dogs in their neighborhood to bite their muzzles. A proper training procedure can cure this problem easily.

Grooming is not just a kind of body work, but it is also a ritualistic way of showing respect to the dog. Even if the groomer is a woman, a dog's skin is much more sensitive than a man's, so proper grooming should be done with gentleness and care.

It is important for the groomer's hands to be kept clean, as it is the reason why the dog is willing to groom himself. Dry and dirty hands may irritate the dog's skin and cause allergies. A good exercise would be to rub some salt on the hands, or rub it with soaps which have natural essential oils such as lavender or clove oil.

Hair is very sensitive, and the irritation can cause severe itching and infection. The next time the groomer makes use of cold water, it is highly advisable to wear gloves. Instead of using the cold water, she can always apply some natural topical antiseptic cream such as tea tree oil, bergamot oil or menthol.

Every dog's fur is the result of hundreds of years of hard work and care, and it is necessary for the dog to have a sense of loyalty towards his owner, especially when he is grown. The dogs, whose fur has turned grey or brown, must have proper care and maintenance.

Dogs with long hair need special care since the loose hair can cut their human hair easily. Keeping the hair trimmed will prevent snagging and pulling. The care of the dog includes washing the dog's hair daily and applying essential oils.

Hair can be too thick to be able to be brushed. However, a groomer has to use a brush and comb to tame the animal's hair so that it is manageable. A slight tug on the bristles will enable the dog to grasp the brushes, but when using the brush and comb, the dog must always be checked to ensure that the ends are trimmed.

Dogs who are suffering from dermatitis, allergies or skin diseases should always be treated with non-animal products such as oil based soap and shampoo. They must be made to rinse and get rid of all the dirt and debris in order to prevent further contamination of the affected area.

Grooming is an essential part of caring for the dog. Once the groomer adopts the proper grooming procedure, she or he will be able to perform it effortlessly and without much time consumed.

Dog grooming should not be a chore but rather a fun and easy way to spend a day. It should not be used to attack your dog, nor should it be a treatment for an illness. Regular cleaning should be the primary concern of the groomer, and any hair problems should be taken care of promptly.

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