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Assault On The Necrospire Usb Download

Assault On The Necrospire Usb Download

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About This Game

Assault on the Necrospire is a roguelike with an emphasis on interesting loot and character building. The Necromancer has destroyed the wizard order, leaving only you alive 5d3b920ae0

Title: Assault on the Necrospire
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Mike Watson
Mike Watson
Release Date: 21 Aug, 2017


assault on the necrospire. assault on the necrospire

Very good game, fun to play, levels are interestingly made and there's no moment of boredom. iffy on my vote. it is a $5 game. get this on sale. it does become a little easy once you get a feel after a few runs. classes are just starting with different items, nothing too crazy. trading safety for item (relic) rarity is nice. game DOES NOT SAVE IF YOU EXIT. i repeat GAME DOES NOT SAVE. so i do have some idle hours in this game. graphics are alright. controls are ok, the swipe-wand-deflect-projectiles move activates a little late, takes some getting used to. items are generally well balanced. spiders suuuuuck. overall 7/10 good in-between game when the major titles feel a little burnt out. there is one glitch in later levels, if you get hit with a miniboss's clusterbomb, you might be expelled from room boundaries. there is a fix; you need to walk (yes out of bounds) to the exit from the room, where you'd expect the collision detection is.. Assault on the Necrospire is a neat little rogue-lite / dungeon crawler style game at a budget price. You only have one class to play as - a mage - and there are a ton of collectible artifacts and weapon upggrades dished out at an astonishing pace early on in the game. The bosses and enemies are well varied and interesting and the level layout is similar to Binding of Isaac with a square map with randomly generated rooms branching off of each other. The only real gripe I have is the sound - the music is sparse and repetitve and the sound effects lack the impact that makes hitting enemies and casting spells satisfying.. Too many bugs. You play an hour, can't save and then the game crash. It's idiotic. Also, it's built with java.. Too many bugs. You play an hour, can't save and then the game crash. It's idiotic. Also, it's built with java.. First off, I paid for this game. I like to support developers, especially ones that add elements to a genre. I like that this game adds an inventory system to the rogue-like genre. I can customize my loadouts or change them based on the situation. I like the music, although it would be great to add some more variety. The Graphic style is appealling to me, the retro look is great. For an early access game, I like it and look forward to future updates! Here's my Youtube review!

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