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Animated Puzzles Download Highly Compressed Rar

Animated Puzzles Download Highly Compressed Rar

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About This Game

Animated Puzzles Star is a Jigsaw -style puzzle game with a fun and fascinating twist, animated pictures.
A wonderful pastime, in which beautiful photos are combined with natural motions and effects, giving you a puzzle experience above the ordinary. The soft animations keep you relaxed, at the same time as it adds a fun and challenging twist to the gameplay. A unique and joyful game that suits almost any age, from young to old.

A perfect way to unwind and have fun!


  • Daily challenges - 2 challenges each day, based on different game modes and goals.
  • Multiplayer - Challenge friends or random opponents in a fun and turned based puzzle battle.
  • Workshop - Create puzzles using your own images or animated gifs, keep private or share with others. Workshop supports puzzles with up to about 800 pieces.
  • Progress alternatives - Play the puzzles in order, or unlock all puzzles at once.
  • Levels of difficulty - Each Puzzle has three levels of difficulty. The difficulties will slightly increase as you unlock new tiers.
  • Shapes of Puzzle pieces - Several shapes of puzzle pieces to choose from.
  • Custom settings - Custom settings for rotation and lock in right place.
  • Controls - Full support for Steam controller, Xbox360 controller, Keyboard, Mouse and Touch.
  • Leaderboards & Achievements


Title: Animated Puzzles
Genre: Casual, Indie
Release Date: 16 Dec, 2016

English,French,Italian,German,Danish,Simplified Chinese,Norwegian,Portuguese,Russian,Swedish

Hmmm... good game in all, but it should have have the ability to store workshop puzzle so i can play them offline... Other than that good game.. Hello! This game is wonderful, I highly recommend this! It is very fun, relaxing and overall I give it two big thumbs up! I did a "Let's Play" on my channel:

Thank You,
KrazyCries. Pros: No penguins
Cons: Haven't played it long enough .. maybe the penguins are there :(. Well, it's puzzles. that's all there is to it. no personalized settings like "I would like not to care about the piece orientation" or anything like that. every puzzle is the same, just an image, sometimes a gif, split into various parts which are rotated randomly.
Those parts, mind you, are all the same. That the pieces are cut out differently is really, really important to puzzles. yet here, each piece is exactly the same. They don't even look nice, like a 3D effect, they really look like cut and paste in paint.
There are free flash puzzle games that are more interesting.
If you just want a puzzle games where each puzzle is just randomly rotated instances of the same piece, no other modes or anything to spice it up, this is for you. me.. despite liking puzzles it was really boring.
at the very least I'd have expected a mode where you could play through a picture folder, generating puzzles on the fly, but there is nothing like this. only the pre-generated puzzles. you can make your ow, but it seems like just one at a time.

Save yourself the money. Even on sale, as I got it, it still charges too much. it has nothing interesting or new to add to the table. at like $2 it would have been OK but $10? nah

EDIT: just tried the free one from windows store (microsoft jigsaw) and it's vastly superior. the pieces actually look different, are differently shaped to each other (you know, like real puzzles), they actually look like real puzzle pieces instead of ms paint cut and paste.. all in all a way nicer experience, and it's free (has ads tho, and no multiplayer as far as I can tell)
It even has more modes to spice it up, like a mode where you need to find pieces to add to an existing partially solution etc. And you can do your own pics as well.
In short, it is what I would have this expected to be, but it's free.. Animated Puzzles is an enjoyable game for all levels- ranging from an easy puzzle with only a few pieces to 800+ pieces. Each puzzle has a "pull out" tray which stores the unplaced pieces but it still allows you to lay pieces onto the puzzle "board" without placing them, which is similar to a real jigsaw puzzle.

This game allows the player to choose from many included puzzles (several levels of difficulty), plus the workshop has even more high quality, user created puzzles to download for free.

You can make your own puzzles from photographs, and choose the shape of the individual pieces for all of the puzzles (traditional jigsaw shape to completely square). Animated Puzzles has several included puzzles with an interesting animated effect on the pieces, though most workshop puzzles are traditional static photos or drawings.

This game allows you to have numerous puzzles that are "in progress" so you aren't required to finish one before beginning another. This is a great feature if you have several people that use your computer to access the game, but want to choose a different puzzle.

Animated Puzzles offers benefits that a traditional jigsaw puzzle can't : I don't have to find a place to store a large puzzle in progress, pieces don't get lost, and my cat can't destroy my puzzle. I was a little unsure about the concept of an electronic jigsaw puzzle until I tried it. I have truly enjoyed this game and I am very glad that I purchased it . If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles then this game is well worth the money. A+. I love this game! Not only can you do challenges on your own, you can also play with your friends or random people on steam. The best part is you can make your own puzzles so it's never ending fun. Everyone should own this imho lol :). Love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!! :). Truly wonderful game, I absolutely love it!
The animations, the music, the photos, it's relaxing, fun, challenging.. A perfect combination of everything! Played for several hours on my PC and no bugs or anything weird so far. I would recommend this game in a heartbeat!. Truly wonderful game, I absolutely love it!
The animations, the music, the photos, it's relaxing, fun, challenging.. A perfect combination of everything! Played for several hours on my PC and no bugs or anything weird so far. I would recommend this game in a heartbeat!

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