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About This Game

In this first installment “The Adventure Begins” the player is thrown headfirst into a haunting world set in 1939 Germany in search of a mysterious girl with bunny ears.

Clues as to who she is and what happened to her are scattered throughout the game in the form of drawings left in post boxes and shards that the player must piece together.

However the player is not alone on this adventure, help comes in the form of the girl’s magical bunny, Otto.

The player must use both Albert and Otto in creative ways to traverse a haunting world. At the beginning of the story, Albert can shoot and jump, while Otto can fit through tight gaps and hold down power switches. But together, they unlock new skills such as a double jump, levitation, control of electrical currents, and more as the story unfolds.


  • Unique mechanic utilizing a little bunny which the player can carry around or leave and/or remotely control in order to solve puzzles
  • A story that is inspired by dark events buried in our history and isn't spoon fed to the player but spans across 3 episodes and is told through a child's drawings and clues scattered throughout the game that force the player to think outside the box.
  • Levitate sheep, use them as platforms to swim on, a torch to light a dark cave or as a distraction for wolves while you make a quick escape. (if your stomach can handle it)
  • 2.5 - 3 hours of unique puzzles that utilize a bunny, levitation, electrical switches, wolves, piranhas and more.
  • Experience a mix of slow paced thought provoking puzzle design and fast unforgiving gauntlet sections.
  • Come face to face with intimidating larger than life mechanical monsters and outsmart them.

Title: Albert and Otto
Genre: Indie
K Bros Games
K Bros Games
Release Date: 28 Oct, 2015

English,French,Italian,German,Arabic,Bulgarian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Finnish,Greek,Hungarian,Japanese,Korean,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Swedish,Thai,Traditional Chine

As a huge Limbo fan I thought this may be worth checking out. I was wrong.

It has been said a hundred times in many reviews: The controls are bad. What exactly is so bad about them? I do not think that it is the general sluggishness of the controls that may appear to be delayed sometimes, very much like Limbo. This can be learned quickly and compensated for easily. The problem is the inconsistency of the controls. Sometimes you hit the jump, sometimes you do not, sometimes you do not get the 2nd double jump etc.

Along with this the edges of many platforms and stuff like that are modelled quite poorly, getting you stuck while jumping against them or leading you to misjudge when to jump or where to land.

The other huge issue with the controls is the aiming\/shooting\/telekinesis part. I do not think I spoil too much when saying that shooting is hardly ever used and the few times where you need to kill a crow attacking you are more like quick time events than actual aiming and shooting. I should add that I played with a controler, the way it is intended I think.

However if you want to pick something up with telekinesis, especially from a distance under time pressure you need to be hyperprecise to do so. Spoiler: The 2 down stream segments at the end of the game are notorious for just that. Especially the sheep that you need to kill, pick up and feed the final boss was extremely difficult to pick up reliably. <\/span><\/span>

Story? What story. The few bits and pieces do not add up to anything, if you are here for a story you are wrong. There is nothing to be interpreted here either. I doubt that there will be any further episodes, but even then there is so little information that I am not intrigued, I am indifferent to say the least.

The difficulty: The game was quite easy. I liked the design of the puzzles, even if they were very obvious to me. Only the final parts of the game became insanely difficult very suddenly due to extremely diffcult sections without save points that require a long sequence of actions with very little room for error. These sections were aggravating to the point of me almost quitting. I did the less than 5 deaths run for Limbo without toomuch difficulty, I would not even dare to try it in this game. Often enough you know exactly what to do, you are capable of executing it but the inconsistency of the controls makes it very hard.

Add to this the unnecessary extreme physics on boxes that you move with telekinesis (they just do not want to sit still on the switch that you put them on whatsoever) and you produce a gaming experience that is very very annoying.

Musik and sound design are meh at most, not even close to Limbo. Graphics or rather art design is okay, but it is sometimes very hard to discern what is part of the game and what is the background.

A shame, this whole thing had potential, but it made itself difficult for all the wrong reasons.

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