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A Wolf In Autumn Activation Code [License]

A Wolf In Autumn Activation Code [License]

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About This Game

After escaping from a locked shed, a young girl finds herself in the middle of an idyllic autumn forest. At first her surroundings seem peaceful, and she's comforted by her mother's voice coming through a strange tin device. But gradually, things begin to turn disturbing and sinister. And the distant howling of wolves begins to move closer...

A Wolf in Autumn is a dark, surreal psychological horror game, from the developer of Fingerbones,The Moon Sliver, and The Music Machine. It focuses on creating a short engaging horror experience that relies on narrative, pacing, context, and atmosphere rather than jump scares.

Voice acting by Julie Hoverson

  • Puzzles can be solved using real-world logic, often in several different ways.
  • A twisting psychological experience using a combination of gameplay interaction and narrative.
  • A diverse set of influences, including 'The Sound and The Fury,' 'Silent Hill 2,' and 'Mulholland Drive.'
  • This is not a Unity Asset Store collection. Modeling, music, environments, and programming were done from scratch. Textures were based off of stock photos ( Sound effects were manufactured from creative commons samples.
  • Intended to be completed in a single sitting of around 1 hour. It does not feature a save system.
  • Deals with potentially disturbing themes.
  • Free copy of the full original soundtrack is included
  • Designed and optimized to run on the recommended hardware.

Title: A Wolf in Autumn
Genre: Adventure, Indie
David Szymanski
David Szymanski
Release Date: 27 Oct, 2015


I don't like to give out bad reviews but I feel like it's needed to make something worth of this game. I don't remember when I bought it or for how much but I do hope it wasn't for too much since it wouldn't be worth it. The game lacks in explaining what you're supposed to do. It puts you into something and you are left with trying to find tools to keep moving foward. But when you drop a tool to keep moving you sometimes can't remember of just can't pick it up from where you left it. The game has 2 areas that you play at, the backyard (I suppose it was) and the basement. Not much to do really. It could have been much better if it was more worked on.. This game is an intriguing game despite its shortness and simplicity. It relies strongly on its narrative, and David Szymanski knows how to carefully pace the story so that the player will constantly move forward to answers. The answers given, however, are open to interpretation - thus, this game falls into the "art" category of games, where discussions are fruitful on what the meaning of the game is. I personally enjoy this kind of game, but if you aren't into games similar to this, then this might not be for you.

A Wolf in Autumn has us taking on the role of a 9 year old girl named Autumn. Her relationship with her mother and the outside world is described in a series of audio messages left to her by her mother through a puzzling machine that emits an annoying noise if you don't interact with it. The game begins with her waking in a shed, and her mother imploring her to stay there. Of course, as a curious kid and player, that won't do, so Autumn breaks out and begins to investigate. The puzzles in this game are simple and are not too overly complex, though sometimes a bit of trial and error will happen as you try to figure out which button or item does what. What makes the puzzles a little harder as well is due to the lighting in the game. While the game has gorgeous lighting and color choices, the saturation levels and darkness make seeing small things difficult.

The game excels in sound design and maintaining tension throughout the short experience. The fact it excels in this allows the narrative to be much more powerful and make this a nice psychological horror game. I somewhat wish this game were longer, as David Szymanski understands how to craft psychological horror and I think a longer title from him in the same vein might be quite fun to play. Despite this, I think the duration of this game allows it to not overstay its welcome, and the price is appropriate for how long the playtime is. If you're into a simple puzzle game with psychological horror elements and a mysterious narrative, then I recommend this game for you.

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