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Original Title: 905-Wild

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama
































The staff of the local Los Angeles Country Animal Control department office assist Fire Station 51 and Rampart Hospital on some animal related emergencies.
Roy and Johnny respond to Bernardi's Market, called by the owner's wife who believes her husband was attacked by a maniac with a knife. Johnny investigates and comes face to face with 500 pounds of mortality: a roaring tiger. Roy asks the dispatcher to call Animal Control. Officer Dave Gordon (Mark Harmon) recognizes a Bengal tiger when he sees one; and his partner, Les Taylor, recognizes she is 450 pounds. A local man is operating an unauthorized zoo and mistreating animals. LA Animal Control is concerned with the animals' health; they want to tranquilize, not neutralize. At County Animal Shelter 2, Supervisor Walt Marsh, works with one vet, Dr. Barney Coolidge, and an assistant, trying to "catch and release" various types of wildlife displaced by modern civilization; often, they must also treat wounded or sick animals. Gordon and Taylor meet the paramedics again, trying to help an old man and his little disabled granddaughter who lost her pet Pygmy goat, William, in the brushfire. When William is found nearby, he is having trouble breathing. Johnny sends an EKG to Brackett; Roy hears rales in the goat's lungs and Mike detects a patent ductus in the heart...but Kel does not want a four-legged patient. Animal Control is unable to transport to a vet in time to save William. Will Dixie put her foot down, in time to save a little girl's therapy pet? Criminal charges and hard time faces Emil Gower. Will LA County Animal Control be able to save all of the beautiful animals he so brutally neglected?
It's not good form to comment on other reviewers but I make a brief exception here. It's one thing to dislike something for articulable reasons, but quite another to characterize it as 'creepy' (one of the most egregious but casually tossed around deprecations made these days) without stating why. For me it says more about the commentator than the target.

Not to mention that reducing Harmon's role as a 'dog catcher' illustrated the point of the episode! That said, this episode was formulaic, predictable and looked very much like a pilot for a spin-off. Nevertheless I found it fun and informative. Though I love them, Jack Webb's public service shows tend to be clunky in dialog but this one was better than usual. It was corny, but when the injured firefighter at Rampart gave up his place in line, so to speak, for treatment of the goat, I gave him my applause.

If nothing else, watch this one for the by-play between all the ER professionals, Brackett and Dixie in particular. David Huddleston makes a great case for DVMs as well, and humanizes Brackett in the process. I'm binging my way through all of Emergency, as it was a favorite series of mine as a kid. I don't recall seeing this episode before...and I'm having a hard time taking it as seriously as the rest of the series. It feels unfinished, forced and a little desperate. Shooting an episode to highlight Animal Control is admirable, but I think they overshot the ship with plot and dialogue.

The staged shots of the little girl crying, worried looks of the dog catchers and views of Roy and Johnny staring into the distance are just a little too much to take. I actually feel sorry for the actors on this one.

Could a vet show have worked? I think so, but it needed more research and time dedicated to it, instead of chopping it into an episode of Emergency.

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