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22 Jump Street Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

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Original Title: 22 Jump Street

Genge: Action,Comedy,Crime


















































After one of Schmidt and Jenko's missions goes wrong, they are sent back to Jump Street to do the exact same thing, go undercover and find out who is selling drugs. But this time they are sent to college to investigate the drug known as 'WhyPhy' and have only one lead on who it is, someone with a tattoo. Schmidt and Jenko's relationship is tested when Jenko is brought back on the cool side while Schmidt hangs out with a girl named Maya. At the same time they must decide if they can keep their relationship together as friends, or as cops.
After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt and Jenko when they go deep undercover at a local college.
Less inspired than the first 21 Jump Street for a good chunk of the movie; 22 Jump Street is a a tad bit too long for what it is. This movie begins to shine in the third tier and the final couple of scenes where the action picks up, the jokes are more fun. There it catches again the funny irreverent cliché tone of the first movie and becomes truly enjoyable. The high school setting was better exploited than the college setting of this movie; which is why it's slower to start. Also, while fully assumed by the movie, the repetition from the first movie reinforce the slow start. Overall still OK and a perfect movie to lazy out in front of. Wait to have forgotten the first one before you watch.
No doubt it's a good laugh. Jonah Hill was awesome as usual. Channing Tatum was annoying. I like this movie. It's a nice movie. It's worth a watch. 22 Jump Street is successful in Box Office and under critics pen. That says it all. Watch it, pass a good 2 hours.

That being said. It felt like same as 21 Jump Street. The plot was similar, the dialogs were similar, the sub plots were similar. But they've managed to execute the idea successfully. That is something I can't ignore. But if they plan to move forward with the same idea in near future, I guarantee they'll fail. So move one people.

And last thing I'd like to mention, they credit scene was probably the one of the best credit scene I've watched. It is crazy guys.

My final verdict: 71%. It's damn good comedy movie, probably a good movie in general. But this s*** is getting old. This excellent film is a sequel and knows it, and wants us to know that it knows it.
Officers Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum) are assigned to infiltrate a drug ring and catch the supplier at MCState College. Again posing as Doug and Brad McQuaid, Schmidt falls in with the Bohemian students and develops a relationship with art student Maya (Amber Stevens West) while Jenko finds a kindred spirit in Zook (Wyatt Russell), who woos him for the college football team. With their paths going in two different directions, Schmidt and Jenko begin to question their partnership. The film is a sequel to 21 Jump Street (2012) (2012), which is a sequel/reboot of the television series 21 Jump Street (1987) (1987-1991). The story and screenplay were written by Jonah Hill and American screenwriters Michael Bacall, Oren Uziel, and Rodney Rothman. Schmidt and Jenko make it to the roof where they find Ghost (Peter Stormare) attempting to escape in a helicopter. Jenko leaps upward and grabs onto the copter but finds it difficult to keep his hold with his wounded shoulder. In a supreme leap, Schmidt follows suit. Jenko loses his grip, but Schmidt grabs his arm, while the helicopter takes them both out over the water. Jenko manages to fish the grenade out of Schmidt's shorts and toss it into the helicopter, blowing it up, and they both fall into the water. Making their way back to shore, they agree that they still want to work together. Captain Dickson approaches them with the news that their next assignment is to go undercover in medical school. Greg shares the same last name as Captain Richard Jenko (Frederic Forrest). Richard Grieco makes a cameo appearance as Dennis Booker. As the credits roll, there is a series of mock sequels, showing Schmidt and Jenko in a variety of undercover missions, e.g. Jump 24 in which they pose as foreign exchange students in Russia, Jump 25 in which they spend a semester at sea, Jump 26 in Art School, Jump 27 in Culinary School, etc.


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