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What Is Link Reclamation & How to Regain Lost Link Value

Link reclamation is an integral part of an effective SEO strategy, but it can seem intimidating if you don’t understand what it is, or why it’s important.

Building links isn’t an easy task, so when your hard-earned links suddenly vanish or when you find a broken backlink, it can be frustrating, it devalues your SEO efforts, and it’s damaging to your site’s overall credibility.

Learning how to reclaim lost links will help to:

  • Regain link value.
  • Build your…

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How to Build Links Using Testimonials & Reviews

Most businesses use testimonials and reviews as a way to build trust with their customers, and to learn more about what their ideal customer needs.

Testimonials and reviews are also an excellent way to learn what adjustments need to be made to your product or service.

Using testimonials and reviews as a link building tactic, however, is often overlooked.

It’s such a simple and straightforward method, which may be one of the reasons it tends to be an…


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Tips to Boost Your Google My Business Profile

Are you leveraging your responses to Google reviews and using the new Google My Business (GMB) tools to get a leg up on your  local search competitors?

If not, here are some major points to consider when boosting your GMB presence.

Reviews are one of the best ways to grow your GMB profile. They cost nothing but do much to raise your business’s profile to organic searchers.

Think about how you might go about weeding through a large selection of…


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Google Update November 2019

There is substantial evidence that an unannounced Google Update is underway. This update has been affecting sites across a wide range of niches. Most of the feedback is negative although there are winners mixed in, including winners in the spam community.

Google does not target specific niches. The recipe blogger niche is a highly organized community. Because of that when something big happens the community’s voice will be amplified.

Thus it was that the recipe…


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Identifying Content Marketing Trends to Enhance Your 2020 Strategy

A great marketing strategy cannot be built on bare assumptions, especially when it comes to content.

To keep pace with the industry, content marketers constantly monitor a variety of channels seeking trending topics and hot news.

In our research, we decided to take a look from the inside. We analyzed 2019 Google search queries related to content marketing and the top-performing tweets in English with the hashtag #ContentMarketing posted between January and September…


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Reciprocal Links: Do They Help or Hurt Your SEO?

Using reciprocal links – sometimes referred to as “traded” or “exchanged” links – was a popular method of link building in the early 2000s but has decreased in popularity in recent years.

Reciprocal links are still a relatively common occurrence. They’re a natural byproduct of owning a website, after all.

However, the way reciprocal links appear on sites today is different from 20 years ago.

In my research for this article, I found an…


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How to Use Relevant, Targeted Directories for Link Building

Do you remember the phone book?

I know… it’s practically an ancient artifact. But it was useful, in its time.

Not only could you close your eyes, open to a random page, and blindly point at a number to prank call (not that I would know anything about that), but you could also flip to the back of the book – to the “yellow pages” – to search for local businesses.

Now, phone books are practically obsolete. You search online for the product or service…


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Ideas to Build Links by Helping Others

You already have a strategy in place for link building, right?

Your plan probably includes at least one of the following link building tactics:

  • Regularly fixing broken links
  • Requesting links for unlinked mentions
  • Reclaiming lost links
  • Creating link worthy content
  • Adding your site to web directories

The above tactics aren’t enough, though.

If your link building…


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Ways to Evaluate Guest Posting & Blog Outreach Services

Getting high quality to your site was once a critical factor in how well your site would rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for your targeted keywords.

If you had keyword-rich anchor text links, the chances that you would rank higher in the SERPs were even greater.

A link from an authority domain like CNN could help improve your rankings and, if it was lost, you may have experienced a .ranking drop

Those were the good old…


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Coordinate Links and Content for Success

For some sites, the process of encouraging links can improve when it’s done together with the content side of a business. I hesitate to call it link building because it’s not really building links in the way it’s commonly thought of.

The reason why content creation and link acquisition should coordinate with each other is because of how tightly Google matches the context between the page where a link is created and the page that the link is pointing to and the search query a searcher…


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Ways to Increase User Engagement & Why It Matters for SEO

Most SEO professionals know how important user engagement is to their success.

Without searchers coming to our sites and taking action in some way, chances are our place in the SERPs would drop.

Search engines’ main goals include giving the user the best answers to what users are looking for.

When Google determines that your site doesn’t cut the mustard – they’ll replace it in SERPs with one that does give users what they want and need.…


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Two Social Media Vanity Metrics You Need to Stop Tracking

There are two social media vanity metrics that you need to stop tracking today.

They are:

  • Facebook Fans (a.k.a. Page Likes)
  • Followers (a.k.a. Page Followers)

I know that Facebook and other social media have publicly reported these vanity metrics since 2006. But, they have become totally worthless over the past few years.

And if you continue to use them in your own reports, then you are no better than the frauds, quacks, and charlatans who…


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One Tool for Improving Image SEO for the Future

Humans are adept at responding to visuals. Numerous studies have suggested that visual content has a better retention and recall value compared to text. 

This also reflects in how we shop or consume content online. We are more likely to buy a product that has high-quality images with it.

Research shows that 60% of consumers are more likely to contact a business that has an image showing up in local search results.

And, while we expel tremendous energy…


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Google Lets Site Owners Customize Their Search Results Snippets

Google is giving site owners the ability to customize how their content is previewed in search results.

By default, Google has always generated search snippets according to the users’ queries and what types of devices they’re using.

However, there was previously no room for customization – it was only possible to allow a textual snippet or not allow one.

Now, Google is introducing multiple methods that allow for more fine-grained…


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Can SEO Be Made Predictable?

Search is a highly complex ecosystem.

Any time a user enters a search query, the search engine applies a powerful algorithm to show the pages that best match the query – thus fulfilling the user’s need for information.

But how does the search engine determine which pages to show against a query, and in what order?

In other words, what is behind the algorithms that determine search rankings?

If one was able to crack Google’s algorithm, every search result for every…


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Bad SEO Content Tactics You Should Have Abandoned Already

Bad SEO content is comparable to a bunch of cockroaches invading a house.

They. Just. Won’t. Die.

They’re hard to find and easy to miss. When you do see one, it scuttles out of sight before you can do anything about it.

And, if you let the problem get out of hand…

Well, let’s not go there.

Take a look at a few important facets influencing modern SEO:

  • We’re far past Google’s.
  •  is ubiquitous to the point where you expect to…

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The PR Process That Drives Hundreds of Links Time After Time

Links remain one of the strongest currencies in SEO, despite many years of people claiming otherwise.

But ones that carry value  is becoming increasingly difficult as Google continues to get better at understanding which links are manipulated purely for SEO.

So it’s becoming more important to get good links that will move the needle on your performance.

How do you do that?

By not thinking about links at all.

If you take a step back…


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Easy Steps to Effective Guest Blogging That Will Make Google Happy

There’s no doubt about where Google stands on guest blogging.

Google has repeatedly made it clear to site owners and SEOs that  guest posting means explicit purpose of building links is dangerous.

And I agree.

But this doesn’t mean guest blogging is bad.

It just means guest blogging is being done badly

Traditionally, guest blogging has followed a specific formula:

  1. Create a piece of…

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How to Do Link Building at Offline Events

As link builders, we can get a bit “stuck in our ways”. Sometimes we focus too much on the technical aspects of building links and forget that  should be a creative endeavor.

By allowing ourselves to be creative we begin to realize there are numerous way to build links through a multitude of channels. One such channel is offline, in the “real” world.

Although links exist online, it doesn’t mean we can’t utilize offline strategies to build links. One of…


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Link Building Opportunities That Big Brands Often Miss

Large brands fail to leverage all the channels and connections from their own campaigns and networks. It’s a link building opportunity that often goes to waste.

Effective and strategic link building shouldn’t be done in a vacuum. It should be an extension of everything you do as part of your marketing execution and not an afterthought.

To effectively create link building campaigns, your SEO specialists should:

  • Audit all of your marketing…

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